Does the Market make 7 percent? We give you 8%!

8×™ is a project of Citadines Capital Financial Advisory Company aimed at investors with minimum Capital of €100,000.

Yields as low as 8% per year guaranteed by contract, with or without coupon yields

Replicating the Market

Or beat it?

Replicating the performance of the Stock Market (7 percent per year) is quite simple: just buy a Passive Fund to get the same profits.

What if it were possible to obtain above-average returns, without increasing risk and with the guarantee of an Independent Consultancy, free from conflict of interest?

  • Investment Grade Products Only (Rating A)
  • Yields as low as 8 percent
  • Coupon Distribution or Accumulation
  • 0 Conflicts of Interest: you only pay us if you make money
  • Investment term: max. 5 years
  • Minimum Capital: €100,000

Gianluca Sidoti, CFA

Managing Partner

Independent Financial Advisor, Italian investor and entrepreneur, the only Italian member of the exclusive Forbes Finance Council.

President of The Wealth Company International, is founder of TraDetector-acclaimed Italian financial education company with more than 35,000 students to its credit.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a major in International Business, a Master’s degree in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets and an MBA in Global Economics, he has democratized Financial Education in Italy in recent years, enabling thousands of people to transform their relationship with money.

Since 2022, he has been Managing Partner of Citadines Capital SCF, one of the largest globally active networks of Independent Financial Advisors.

With over 20,000 copies sold, he is the bestselling author of OverPerform, Personal Finance Handbook and ChatGPT for Finance

Independent Financial Counseling

Why choose an Independent Professional, who is not paid by Banks or Issuing Companies


You are our only interlocutor


Subscribers to the OCF Single Register


Cut costs by more than 70 percent


-costs = +profits

Track Record

+35000 satisfied customers

Guaranteed results

Otherwise, you don’t pay us

Immediate results

And you get the first results in 3 months

Global Presence

Offices in Milan, London, Zurich and Dubai

Clear Prices, Long Friendship

The Independent Financial Advisor serves the exclusive interests of the Investor, who pays him for his services.

We do not receive any compensation from Banks or other Companies in conflict of interest

Set Up Fee


  • Patrimonial CheckUp

  • MIFID Forms

  • Opening and Managing the Position

  • Any Tax Reports

  • One-time fee upon signing the Mandate

Performance Fee


  • “High Water Mark” calculation method on MSCI (Global Equity Index): you pay only on the positive return difference.

    Example1: MSCI +10%, you +8% = You pay nothing

    Example2: MSCI +20%, you +10% = You pay nothing

    Example3: MSCI -10%, you +10% = Pay 20% on 10%.

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